As the largest country of South East Asia and as a strengthening member of the G20, Indonesia continues to offer multiple opportunities to local and foreign investors. With a population of over 260 Million, and the world largest middle-class growth for the next 20 years, Indonesia large domestic market makes it a country to be!

Thanks to the abundance of natural resources combined with a competitive labor cost make Indonesia one of the most attractive country in the world for investment and development. Local investment will grant you a prefect gateway to its domestic market.

Central Government policies are supporting the continuous growth and external investment.


Thailand is among the most attractive manufacturing base for both regional and international manufacturers. Its government is promoting investments in diverse industries.With a young, creative and skilled workforce Thailand is also a world leading player for digital innovative companies with a global or regional strategy making is a unique opportunity for services, media & entertainments.

Due to its strategic location in South East Asia and to its large domestic market Thailand also is the main cross road to link South China with the rest of South East Asia, making it an ideal place for distribution hubs, production centers.

Thailand is also one the most welcoming country in the world either for industrial and agricultural actors but also by in its tourism industry. Initiatives are taken every day to ease domestic and international investments making the Stock Exchange of Thailand a new Asian hub for IPO.


Singapore is one of the most developed economies in the world. Its environment offers a unique place to access capital and to secure regional investments. In addition to its fascinating banking network, Singapore also provide a very simple and transparent way to develop investment by creating financial vehicle easy to manage (SPV/E), thanks to the know-how and quality of its legal, audit and tax community.

The Singaporean economy is a major Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) outflow financier in the world and focus in regional investments. Singapore has a long history in working with Thailand and Indonesia. By its central location, supported by a multi-cultural population and low tax rate, Singapore is a perfect location for a first entry in South East Asia for company and their partners with regional visions.

APEC headquarter presence crystalizes Singapore singular regional role.

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Digital Disrpution – Indonesia is now catching up on invesments versus with more and more numbers in Series A & B transactions. Main sectors being : Telco, Logistics, Transportation, Telematics & AI.

Beside this, well established traditional companies have been impacted by the arrival of various unicorn Digital platforms. These companies are now facing business models and valuations challenges. Oaks Asia supported by major financial instutions le

Chicken consumption in Indonesia is about to fly high with Oaks Asia

Indonesia, with over 260 million people and USD 1 trillion GDP, is a growing powerful economy and the only ASEAN country in the G20. With 1.25 billion consumed annually, chicken is one of the most widely consumed source of protein and nutrition, d

Industrial Estates Meetings – Jakarta – May 28th

Jakarta, May 25th, 2018,   Johan Vermeiren & Pamungkas Trishadiatmoko will meet with 3 leading Indonesian Industrial Estates to sign a first partnership with Oaks Asia.


First Direct Container Service from Jakarta into US West Coast

On May 16th, was a momentous day for Jakarta Port and for the Indonesian Transpacific trade in general. With its 9,265 teu vessel, the MV Tage, the French shipping giant had its maiden voyage from the Indonesian capital across the Pacific.